Let’s Stop Hitting Snooze On Food Waste

Inside this Quirky San Diego Eatery

by Reza Cristián


I spent a couple days with my best friend from high school in San Diego where she attends college. After a wonderful two-day trip with her, she tells me about this amazing brunch spot I need to check out called Snooze A.M Eatery before I head back home to Los Angeles. My growling stomach and I agree to go. Upon entering on that rainy day, one thing I didn’t know about this quirky modern 1950’s diner-esque place is that their mission is all about sustainability. It took me reading the whole menu, which consists of all sorts of breakfast favorites to realize I stepped into something amazing. The music is a mix of indie to alternative rock and the place kind of reminds me of something out of Zeon the Disney Channel original films. (If you haven’t seen that, go sit yourself down) The service was incredible, smiles across all the server’s faces, so this place definitely put a smile on my very exhausted and sick self. 

Now let’s talk food, we all know that’s why you came here. The menu is dense. So much from Mexican to American breakfast. I usually get scared of fusion places, mainly because it means they are not authentic. That day I was feeling sick with the cold and had a sore throat so I order a hot iced chai tea latte with a splash of whiskey. It was definitely a must have. As for the actual star of the show I had to try their breakfast burrito, cause your girl can eat. Along with that we ordered a scramble egg and hash brown plate with you can only guess, avocados. Because we are in California after all.

But food isn’t all that they are known for. It’s great to know places like Snooze A.M. Eatery is sustainable and cares about their food waste, but doesn’t rub it in everyone’s face that they are in fact green. The restaurant industry creates so much food waste. In just a year, a single restaurant can make up to 150,000 pounds of food waste. Eateries should take initiative and be more aware of the waste they create and try to minimize it.

For Snooze A.M. Eatery, they compost and recycle 90% of their waste and use responsible materials in their restaurant. Each month they focus on a green subject, so for the month of July they will be tackling energy and teaching their “snoozers” as they call their customers about how to conserve energy.

Photographed by Reza Christián

Snooze an A.M. Eatery is located at 3940 Fifth Ave, San Diego, CA