Taking the taboo out of reduce, refuse, reuse & recycle


SUSTAIN is an online media platform where eco-conscious warriors cultivate a healthy, planet-friendly lifestyle. We’re disrupting complacency and refusing the old habits of our over-consuming, throw-away society. Join us in the fight to normalize sustainability. It’s not just some trendy, disposable phase. We’re banding together to integrate an evergreen way of life into everyday culture.

From your friends at SUSTAIN.


Illustrated by Nora Mitchell

Illustrated by Nora Mitchell


Our Team

Meet the driving force behind SUSTAIN. 


Reza Cristián (founder & EIC)

Originally from Southern California, Reza came to study journalism and pursue fashion in NYC. Formerly a fashion and lifestyle blogger, Reza felt the need to do something more. That's when SUSTAIN was born.

Reza's SUSTAIN Tip:  Buy everything second-hand and make sure to get a menstrual cup!


Julia Le (Fashion Editor)

A New England native, and International Business graduate, Julia's interest in fashion stemmed from her affinity for art. Over the years, this passion stoked further curiosities for what impacts the medium has in shaping culture and acting a catalyst for change.

Julia’s SUSTAIN Tip: When it comes to buying clothes (or making any purchasing decision for that matter), take the time to consider your options: buy less, buy second hand—and if you must buy something new, make sure it’s something that’ll last.


Alyssa Ford (Wellness Editor)

Alyssa is the wellness editor, staff writer, and also does video production for SUSTAIN. She moved from Rhode Island to NYC 4 years ago for college. Growing up in the ocean state, Alyssa can most likely be found near the waves, writing out her feelings and talking about her favorite films. Alyssa is passionate about social justice, art and the Earth.

Alyssa’s SUSTAIN Tip: Use mason jars to carry around your water, coffee or snacks like fruit! It helps reduce unnecessary plastic waste and mason jars are always a cute accessory. 


Jalin Abston (Food Editor)

Jalin is the food editor, staff writer, and photographer for SUSTAIN. At age 23, she has lived in 5 different states and traveled to more than half of the United States, sampling the local cuisine. Jalin spends her free time reading novels and photographing art and fashion throughout New York City.

Jalin’s SUSTAIN Tip: Did you know that you can save more water by not eating a pound of meat than you do by not showering for six months? Try swapping out meat in your favorite homemade dishes with vegan and/or vegetarian options such as cauliflower, tofu, eggplant, and many more.


Alexis Gaskin (PR Director)

Alexis is the Public Relations Director and Social Media Manager at SUSTAIN. She is easily distracted by sparkly items and has a passion to create more inclusivity for large bodies in the sustainability, fashion and beauty community.

Alexis’ SUSTAIN Tip: Use Sulfate-Free hair products! It’s better for your hair and better for the environment.

Sam Baselice (Brand Manager)

Samantha is the Brand Manager at SUSTAIN due to her passion for advertising and love of the environment. Samantha is originally from South Florida but currently resides in New York City. Besides working in the advertising industry, Samantha loves photography, swing dancing, and going to museums and concerts.

Sam's SUSTAIN Tip: Composting is a great way to help reduce the amount of waste your produce, and is even easy while living in an apartment! 

Caitlin Ruggero (Staff Writer)

Caitlin Ruggero is a 22-year-old aspiring stylist living in New York and a style writer for SUSTAIN. Her favorite thing to do is go thrifting for all kinds of clothes and accessories. You will always find her wearing some sort of vintage piece. 

Caitlin’s SUSTAIN Tip: Make shopping for clothes fun and rewarding by thrifting and repurposing things! Make a pair of jeans into cutoff shorts, etc. 

courtney's headshot copy.jpg

Lauren Jacoby (LA Based WRITER)

Lauren can be found in a bikini on a beach in sunny California. She loathes fast fashion so you will never find her in Zara. Lauren enjoys binge watching shows on Netflix, being outdoors and researching new sustainable brands.

Lauren’s SUSTAIN Tip: Try not to buy fast-fashion whenever possible and recycle your clothes!

Courtney Dixon (Copy Editor)

Hailing from Maryland, she attends school in New York City studying psychology, and will be spending a semester at Disney World this fall. Her hobbies include going to Wendy’s, drawing, and doing anything Star Wars-related!

Courtney’s SUSTAIN Tip: Avoid using plastic straws when you go out to eat! They’re bad for the environment (fun fact: straws are in the top ten items most commonly found in the ocean). Learn to love to eat ice, and get rid of those straws—even the small things can make the biggest difference!