Lonely Whale Launches New Toolkit to #StopSucking

By Alexis Gaskin

For A Strawless Ocean- Lonely Whale

Thinking about ordering an iced coffee or an extra large soda at your favorite fast food restaurant? Before you reach for those flimsy, plastic straws check out Lonely Whale and their initiative to reduce plastic pollution.

The 2015 founded company, Lonely Whale, launched a toolkit on April 19, 2018, to inspire others to join the campaign of #StopSucking and ridding the use of plastic straws. Lonely Whale states that the toolkit is for all individuals and organizations to use to go plastic straw-free.

For A Strawless Ocean is an open-source guide to reducing plastic pollution, starting with the single-use plastic straw.”

Several organizations have already gotten on the #StopSucking initiative including Live Nation Entertainment, who has already committed to removing all plastic straws from their venues for a ocean-friendly paper alternative.

Other organizations include Marriott Internationals, Loyola Marymount University Hospital and The City of Malibu.

The toolkit has many features for restaurants, schools and individuals to use to pledge to stop using plastic straws.

It offers tips like;

  • Ordering drinks with “no plastic straws”
  • Pledge to #StopSucking

  • Asking bars, restaurants or venues to stop serving plastic straws

For a Strawless Ocean also offers customizable marketing materials and a list of alternative straw companies to use instead of the harmful plastic ones.

Companies like Metal: Steelys Drinkware, Paper: Aardvark and Steel & Silicone: Klean Kanteen are featured and offer discounts for first time buyers.

For more information on the toolkit and how you can be a part of the initiative go to strawlessocean.org and lonelywhale.org.

SUSTAIN the Mag pledges to #StopSucking and to advocate the use of either no straws or marine-friendly ones.

Photo Provided by: For A Strawless Ocean