How One Hashtag Is Bringing Equality For All


By Amanda Asencio

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Clothing is a statement, an identity and a lifestyle. One of our first thoughts in the morning is ‘what am I going to wear?’ but does it ever occur to think how your closet affects the environment and those around you? The clothing industry is the second-biggest polluter of potable water.

Round + Square donates 30% of proceeds to Eqaulity Now.

Round + Square donates 30% of proceeds to Eqaulity Now.

Clothing is a necessity and the way you shop says a lot about who you are. Tired of having your jeans wear out after a few washes? Shop sustainable. Not only does it help save the environment, but it also lasts longer for a timeless durable look.

ROUND + SQUARE is designed with passion and driven by values. Created by fashion designer Henriette Ernst in December 2016, ROUND + SQUARE values itself on peace, prosperity and gender equality inspired by powerful stories of women fighting for their rights. They create their cloth made of 100% organic, GOTS certified cotton, which guarantees the highest industry standards and processes for labor and sustainability. The company also works in support of Equality Now as they donate 30% of their profits made to support the organization.

Clothing is a way of expression and what better way to express a passion and a cause than to practice what you preach with #IWEARCAUSEICARE. Make a difference, learn more at and

Images from Round + Square