Making Waves

Designing Towards Ocean Conservation

By Julia Le

It’s August. Cue hot, hazy afternoons spent embracing what lingers of summer's end–soaking in the change of scenery from our normal stomping grounds: sand and cerulean, instead of street lights and concrete.  We spend our days charmed by time perfectly spent: temperatures in the 80s, long stretches of sun, and freckles peeking through (despite our best efforts to take care of our skin). With a good book in hand, you can find us on the beach, synchronizing our breaths with that of the ocean, and soaking in all the bliss that Mother Nature has to offer...

While July may be over, the campaign to eliminate plastic from our lives is not. With 8 million metric tons per year dumped into the oceans, the journey to cleaning up our waters is far from over. The worst offender? Micro-plastics (an estimated 236,000 tons!) broken down from larger pieces of plastic ocean debris–much of which is shed from synthetic materials and excess waste (or by-products) of clothing production. As we begin to see the negative consequences and the result of our actions wash up on our shores–only a fraction of what is virtually lost forever in the waves–the need to curb our daily consumption and raise consciousness for what we buy becomes increasingly important.

While we consider fashion and its purpose, this series seeks to highlight some of the brands that are changing the way swimsuits are made, and the positive impacts they seek to have in saving the environment. Making Waves features the founders and creative forces behind The Saltwater Collective, Galamaar, HARA and DETA, and how they are working to provide alternative designs for the clothes that brings us closest to the sea. Through innovation in technology and design of materials, to limiting waste through production, these are the some of voices of those working to prolong those care-free days spent in that big beautiful ocean blue.

Creative Director: Julia Le

Photographed by: Marcus Richardson

Models: Eryn AmmonsReza Cristián, Eva Evans

Accessories/ Blankets: Indigo Apparel