London’s Calling, But Our Heart’s With The World

By Reza Cristián 

Imagine walking down the streets of London in your favorite tee or dress—not knowing who or where it was from. Sounds familiar? This is most of us. We often don’t know where our clothes are manufactured, or about the life of the person behind every thread. But this isn’t the case with Know the Origin. Every piece in their brand has a named place, town, and a reason for why it is made.

Now imagine yourself walking down the street anywhere in the world. You know exactly what your time and money is supporting. You know that that stitching on your favorite tee has a reason, and that reason is love. Love is caring about the people around us, and should extend to those who breathe life into every single piece of clothing we wear.

sustain1 copy.jpg

From London

The Kady Tee worn on the streets of London.


to the world

The Poppy Tee is designed using fair trade, organic slub cotton fabric. The fabric is dyed in Shakthi Knitting in Tiruppur, using low impact dyes that don’t contain toxic metals, and are azo-free.

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show some love

The Kata Dress is made with fair trade and organic cotton, and is the perfect LBD for any occasion.

Photographed by Maisie Coulbert

Modeled by Ria Catherine Dines