From Wear to Wash

Taking Care of Your Sustainable Swimwear

By Lauren Jacoby

Did you know that you can make bikinis out of hemp, milk, recycled water bottles and many other sustainable materials? These are materials that are either natural, or re-utilize plastics or old clothing that would have normally just ended up in landfills. Not only are these materials less toxic to the person wearing them, but they cause less harm to the environments around them. Sustainable swimwear companies not only use sustainable materials, but also sustainable manufacturing practices, which include sourcing locally to reduce waste, using low-impact dyes, and using recycled shipping packages. These are all important ways that we can help to reduce our carbon footprint. Thankfully, there are many sustainable swimwear brands that we love, that are trying to revolutionize the swimwear industry and make it more sustainable.

Now, what happens when we wash these swimsuits? We often use detergent with many harmful chemicals that ultimately end up in our water streams. We can avoid this by choosing to buy or make our own non-toxic detergents. By using a mild detergent, you can also help with the longevity of your bathing suit—protecting them from damage caused by exposing them to the elements and chlorinated pools. To extend the life your swimsuits, wash them immediately after wearing on a low spin cycle or by hand, and use mild detergents to avoid unnecessary waste.

Aftercare experts, such as the people at Celsious in Brooklyn, are also doing their part by taking traditional laundromats and transforming them to be more eco-friendly. The owners of Celsious have done an amazing job of this by using detergents with minimal chemicals, and using technology to make them more energy-efficient. By simply minimizing the chemicals in the detergent, and washing your clothing, you can take two easy steps toward living a more sustainable lifestyle.

Under Protection "Alexia Bikini Bra Orange",  Outland Denim "Isabel in Black"

Under Protection "Alexia Bikini Bra Orange", Outland Denim "Isabel in Black"

Creative Director: Reza Cristián

Photographed by: Marielle Sales

Production Director & Stylist: Breana Rountree

Model: Anna Cuffari

Location: Celsious