Five Non-Toxic Summer Skincare Products

Safe, happy skin all summer long

by Lauren Jacoby

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I consider summer to be the best season of the year, but it isn't always the best on your skin. It’s important to protect your body from harmful UV rays, and keep your skin clean while you’re out in the sun getting sweaty all day. I try to keep my routines as simple and non-toxic as possible. Below are my top five skincare products for healthy and happy skin all summer long. Also pictured is a bikini from one of my favorite sustainable swimwear companies, GNASH.

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1. Acure Marula Oil
First off, Acure is one of my favorite brands ever. They offer non-toxic skincare at extremely affordable prices. You can also find their products locally, at markets like Sprouts. I really like the Marula oil because it's thick enough to create a strong moisture barrier on your skin without feeling too greasy or heavy. I also love using it in my hair to help with moisture and shine.

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2. Tarte Maracuja Oil
Maracuja oil claims to be very balancing and nourishing for your skin, and I couldn't agree more. Similar to the Marula oil, Maracuja oil is moisturizing without being too heavy. I recommend, however, using this product more at night because it does seem a little more heavy duty than the Marula oil. Because it has natural fatty acids in it, this oil also really helps with rebalancing my skin when I have a breakout. 

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3. Coola Mineral Face Sunscreen - Tinted
I absolutely love this facial sunscreen. It offers a little amount of coverage with the tint, and doesn’t feel sticky or greasy throughout the day. Too, this sunscreen has great ingredients such as Rosehip oil and Vitamin C that will actually help repair your skin as the day goes on. Non-toxic facial sunscreens are hard to find, so this is a great option.

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4. Garden Goddess Everyday Natural Sunscreen
I really enjoy this sunscreen because it is plant based and has natural minerals in it. This sunscreen offers great protection if you're going to be outside in the sun all day. My only complaint about this product is that it does tend to leave a white cast, but you'll find that same problem with most physical sunscreens. This is due to the fact that physical sunscreens are meant to sit on top of your skin to directly deflect UV rays off of your body.

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5. Tarte Knockout Tingling Treatment
This is one of my holy grail skincare products. It has salicylic and lactic acids in it that help to exfoliate and balance your skin without it being too harsh. This product is perfect for really cleaning the skin after a long summer day, and has really helped to even out my skin. My only suggestion would be to only use it at night, because it does make your skin more sensitive to UV rays.

Photographs by Lauren Jacoby