Don't Be A Diva, Try A Menstrual Cup

Diva Cup is Your New Tampon

By Alexia Dolamakian


You wake up in that red puddle and you run to grab a tampon from your stash. Plot twist, there is no more stash and you will have to improvise until you get a chance to go to the store.

Opening the feminine product, you instinctively dispose the wrapper into a bin. By the end of the day/week, the wrappers have accumulated to form the stinky, dirty period monster from trash-land.

How do you combat this period monster? The only true way is to leave it alone all together, at the store. REFUSE disposable products starting with popular pads and tampons.

No one purposely buys a hygiene product with the hopes of ruining their PH levels or allowing carcinogens to seep into the body, but it happens often with “popular hygiene products.” If you are not careful, this can even happen with poor maintenance of a menstrual cup.

The DivaCup advises you to exchange your cup annually, while most sites suggest the cup should last 10 years. However long you decide to keep it, just know one diva cup, instead of tampons and pads, pays itself off after around four cycles.

The health and environmental benefits of buying something like The DivaCup, strongly outweighs the “convenience” of a tampon or pad.

So long as you keep the cup clean in its little provided pocket and stowed away in a day bag, you can eliminate the stress of having to find a spare tampon once mother nature surprises you on the go.

You won’t have to worry about running out of ammo or taking out that stinky and bacteria-ridden trash. You may run a very tight cleaning schedule, but the trash goes somewhere and where it goes is where it stays. FOR A LONG TIME.

The Earth deserves better, you deserve better. Try out a menstrual cup and gloriously go about your day without a period monster or waste-worry in the world. Not to mention the favor of having extra mula to save or invest in your health.

Photographed by Reza Cristián