Do you really need another VS bra & undie?

By Nora Mitchell

Rose organic triangle bra with matching hipsters

Rose organic triangle bra with matching hipsters

Brook There: ethically sourced, environmentally-conscious lingerie made for the woman who realizes her unique luster. This forward-thinking intimates brand carries out all of its production in the USA (mainly in Fall River, Massachusetts), uses earth-friendly fabrics and employs low-impact distribution methods. As for the aesthetic, think romantic yet practical-- a treat-yourself purchase that you can feel good about.

These pieces definitely carry a new cool-girl vibe-- the woman who wears them is effortless, charming and confident. You can find pretty, delicate goodies at this store, or clean basics that still manage to stand out from their old-school, androgynous feel. With classic silks and cottons, muted and bright colors that suit every skin tone, and cuts that are both sexy and comfy, they’re wearable for all women, either when things are getting hot and heavy, or when you’re chilling on the couch after a long day of work.

If you’re a little bit intimidated by sustainable clothing, or are doubtful that it would suit your current lifestyle, don’t be! Remember that you don’t need to build up an all-vegan wardrobe to make a difference. It isn’t reasonable to ask people of different economic standings to boycott everything with a "Made in China" tag on it-- I currently don’t have the resources or level of commitment to never show my face in a Forever 21 again. If instead of heading to Victoria’s the next time you go shopping for a special set, you opt for a store that advertises their environmentalism or advocacy for human rights, that’s awesome. Even if only 10% of your clothing purchases are sustainable, you’re making a difference; anything helps.

Ranging from $50 to $60 a bra, they’re a bit more expensive than others, but that’s because child labor and other cost-cutting practices that deplete natural resources and pollute the environment aren’t relied upon. You’ll end up paying about $20 extra to take a stand against exploitative corporations. This by-women, for-women enterprise cuts and sews in New England, not in a sweatshop overseas. Items are made from silk as well as organic and vegan cottons that aren’t treated with insecticides, so you’ll look and feel amazing in them, without damaging ecosystems along the way. Brook There’s choice not to import synthetic fabrics is an environmental one; producing a fiber like polyester requires a huge amount of crude oil and releases harmful emissions and other by-products into the air and water as factory waste. The decision not to import materials in general minimizes transport and saves fuel. Besides making a point to conserve energy, the company conserves plastic by using recycled poly-bags for shipments, and by not individually plastic-bagging garments for storage.

Brook There aims to celebrate real women by making well-crafted clothing you’ll feel good in. Support, fit, and comfort are all paramount; your shape won’t be hidden or disguised, but glorified. Models are never retouched, because authenticity is valued and appreciated. A smaller selection of the softest tops, skirts, dresses, shorts, and leggings are sold as well as bras and undies. Clothing made for your most intimate moments should be reflective of your true values and complimentary to your natural beauty, don’t you think?

Photographed by Reza Cristian