Building a Clothes Relationship

introducing the love line

By Maria Aragao

Secondhand clothing has seen a rise in sales in recent years, with consumers purchasing clothing from online sellers like Grailed, Poshmark, Depop, and TheRealReal. Data collected by GlobalData says that by 2028 used fashion could reach $64 billion in sales outperforming fast fashion retailers like H&M.  

Today, in the age of Etsy shops, online sellers like The Love Line are standing out from the crowd. The Love Line, an online blog and styling service, offers affordable pieces that are personally handpicked for you. 


The concept began as a blog by founders, Tyler Grober and Megan Louhier, to create a more immersive blogging experience after receiving positive feedback from their readers. “People responded well but, we wanted to go further than just the blog. We began experimenting and designing concepts for our brand until we have finally gotten to where we are now. The idea of our brand has always been to create a more immersive shopping experience. We want you to be able to learn, grow and feel inspired while shopping. While we are not nearly finished growing, learning and changing, we have come a long way,” Tyler says. 

The Love Line is an online blog that provides unique styling services, using vintage denim and recycled materials to create “one of a kind pieces for one of a kind people,” and personally, I love it. How can you not feel a connection to an item that was picked out just for you? It’s an inspiring idea to create a platform in which you can read about the stylists and then also have a way to be styled by them, for an affordable price.  

Grober and Louhier, thrift second hand clothing to fit your persona. Their goal is to produce items that embrace individuality and love. Concepts of self-love and discovery are motifs of all if not most of the items they sell.  

Currently, they are offering a denim styling service. By sending in your measurements and desired denim fit (i.e. boot cut, straight leg, skinny, etc.) Tyler and Megan can find you the perfect vintage denim pants. Their basic service includes one pair of vintage pants with desired style and cuts, and one belt chain. Their full service includes one pair of vintage denim pants with one belt chain and a vintage denim jacket!  

We took the time to chat with Tyler, a former attendee of Marymount Manhattan College as a Fashion Marketing major, to discuss The Love Line. Tyler says, “The Love Line is a work in progress, founded by myself and Megan Louhier in January, it’s become much more than just a ‘brand’. We started The Love Line blog for our viewers to use as an outlet of inspiration and connection to other people and artists and somewhere along the way we began selling clothes and services.” It came to fruition when they tried new products and decided to incorporate it into their blogging. For instance, their ‘personalized shopping experience,’ offers denim style boxes where you can “send us [the] measurements and styles you prefer like, “low waist, 2000s style, edgy jeans” or “clean mom jeans that are distressed” then we source the perfect pant for you from second hand stores,” Tyler says. They provide their clients with two style boxes they can choose from. But, they also do styling aside from The Love Line brand and enjoy incorporating photography and collaborations with other artists. 

According to their mission statement, they’re down to style anyone and everyone. The purpose of The Love Line is to create a more engaging shopping experience for consumers. They hope through their blog posts, personalized shopping experience and interactive events that you develop a more intimate relationship with your clothing—to further inspire you as a person and not just a client.

Aside from being pretty unique, the company concerns itself with sustainability. Tyler says, “all of the denim The Love Line uses is from second hand stores. As we develop, we would like to keep sustainably a priority and do whatever we can to be a brand that is good for people and the environment.” Being stylists that only work with thrifted clothing can be difficult, especially when working on specific requests, but “that’s the point.” They’re alleviating the difficulty that comes from thrifting for yourself and “work so everyone can have an awesome piece of individual denim!” 

In the future, Tyler and Megan hope for their brand to reach and inspire a broad audience. “We would love for the blog to continuously grow and adapt new concepts as well as our style options and clothing,” Tyler says. They’re interested in more than building a clientele base. They hope to build connections with their clients as well as make them feel good in what they purchase.

Photography Courtesy of The Love Line