The Secret to Unlocking Crystal Energy

a tell all with spiritual healer, janet o’shea

by maria aragao


Although many college students use crystals for aesthetic in their dorm rooms, they often are not aware of the true benefits. Others don’t believe in crystal healing and believe it to be the new pseudoscience of “healing.” In the last four years, Google searches for “crystal healing” have risen 40% and “crystal shops near me” queries have spiked 35% since 2013. Growing interest has led dozens of new crystal retail outlets to open in major cities such as New York and Los Angeles- even Target sells crystals now.

People wonder if crystals have healing powers and it really depends on your own experience. Crystal energy is said to be helpful for your spiritual journey because it works to hold your intention and remind you of your connection to the Earth. It is an alternative medical technique. Crystals contain properties that may help induce relaxation, reduce anxieties or assist with healing and overall wellbeing. Although these effects are not backed by scientific evidence, our ancestors identified the power of crystals long ago. Ancient civilizations incorporated crystals into daily life, integrating them into rituals and medicine techniques.

Still today, crystals have a major role in our society. Our electronic devices like cell phones, televisions, watches and computers contain crystal components. Crystals are also being used in beauty products, such as Glossier’s Haloscope Highlighter that contains crystal extracts and combines skincare with makeup. They say you’ll literally glow like a diamond!

Holding crystals or placing them on your body is believed to promote physical, emotional and spiritual well-being. Crystals supposedly do this by positively interacting with your body’s energy. They’re said to alleviate stress; others improve concentration or creativity. If you’re looking for a way to heal and you’ve tried everything else-try crystal healing. Set your intention, the thoughts or feeling you want to put out into the universe, and then put it into your crystal instead.

I sat down with Janet O’Shea to discuss the restorative powers of crystals and their use for healing. O’Shea is a N.Y.S. Licensed Clinical Social Worker who blends traditional psychotherapy with soul healing modalities, such as crystals.


SUSTAIN: What exactly is crystal healing?

JANET: Here’s the first thing to really understand when you’re working with crystals, yes, they’re beautiful. But crystals, they’re alive. Anything that continues to grow is considered a living thing, a living being. So, those of us who work with crystals for healing understand that they too hold a consciousness. They have an awareness and certain properties. And in those properties, they help to support us as well as the earth herself. Crystal healing helps to bring balance into your body.

SUSTAIN: What are the benefits of crystals?

JANET: There are many benefits to using crystals. They can stabilize the energy in a room and hold the energy balance. Or if you hold them, press them against your body, they can bring balance into your body. They help to promote self-love. For instance, Rose Quartz, holds a beautiful soft energy that helps you to be soft with yourself.

They’re wonderful to wear as well as place on any part of your body that may be bothering you or holding any pain. That’s how crystals help, to bring all your energy into a place of self-love, they transmit energy. They receive from the mineral kingdom. Crystals are full of minerals and they transmit in that way. Most people connect to them in an emotional way. Another instance, a cat’s eye crystal, the element that is primary in it, is excellent for allergies. Keeping it or holding it during allergy season would be beneficial. They are wonderful, they can be used in various ways.

SUSTAIN: What crystals would you recommend for daily use?


JANET: Any kind of quartz crystals! A Smokey Quartz can balance your ambience while a Rose Quartz can alleviate sadness. They are the most common to find in the world. Clear Quartz is harmonious; they will pair nicely with any crystal. The sun’s power is harnessed through quartz crystals. They’re great for creating elixirs or tonics. Put it in your water, make sure it is a glass and not plastic. Or place the quartz crystal against a glass and let it sit, usually overnight. The water will pick up the vibrations of the crystals. It will bring a very calming sense into you.

SUSTAIN: Do you need to be careful with crystals? Is the energy strong?

JANET: Crystals are all about manifestation. They do not absorb negative energy. But you must build a connection to them otherwise they’re just ‘pretty crystals.’ They should be cleansed and then activated in order to use them as a healing tool. That’s called, setting your intention. You must call to them, asking them to bring you their highest potential of healing. Then you’ll start to feel the energy they hold.

SUSTAIN: Do you have crystal suggestions for worry and stress?

JANET: Lepidolite is a powerful way to access healing energy. It is a beautiful purple crystal. Since it is full of lithium, it has a naturally calming quality that is good for anxiety. Putting it directly in your water would allow you to absorb its energy. Its stabilizing powers would replace negative feelings with patterns of positivity and oneness. Onyx, Obsidian or Hematite contain minerals that aid worry and stress. They support you during times of stress and helps prevent the drain of personal energy. Hematite is also good for absorbing the electromagnetic rays that come from your electronic devices, like your phone or computer. There are chips called cell phone orgonite’s that you can place on the back of your phone.


SUSTAIN: How should I maintain my crystals?

JANET: Maintaining your crystals are simple. You always want to cleanse your crystals. Let them run under water for 10 minutes or bring them into the shower to avoid waste. Once they’ve been cleansed, they must be charged. Each crystal is different. Some can be charged directly in the sunlight, others in the moonlight. They can also be put on a piece of selenite to be charged. Once they’re cleansed and charged, they can be activated. But remember to do research on the crystal you buy.

SUSTAIN: Are polished stones just as good as raw crystals?

JANET: Polished stones are just as good as raw crystals because they still contain the same properties as an unpolished crystal. Wearing a crystal as a necklace, earring or ring will still aid you as a raw crystal would.

SUSTAIN: How do I get started using crystals?

JANET: Doing your research is an important first step. They’re easy to use. Crystals have their own intelligence so even if you don’t know what they’re for, they know what they’re for. Buy your crystal, cleanse, charge, activate and that’s all it needs. They’ll be perfect to pick up when you’re having a bad day. After you set your intention, the love just starts to come right back.

SUSTAIN: How do I determine which stone is right for me?

JANET: Every stone is right for you. What matters is your intention.

SUSTAIN: Where can I buy crystals?

JANET: When you’re looking to buy a crystal be diligent. Crystals are sold in many different places; you want to be careful where you purchase them. Because many places will try to pass on fake crystals. They’re not always real. You really want to look for places that have a reputable dealer. Sometimes, even doing a quick search online will allow you to stumble upon a dealer. I suggest, that if you know people who use crystals, ask them where they purchased them. Three places where you can buy crystals are, Rock Star Crystals, Namaste Bookshop and Stick Stone & Bone.


You cannot go wrong with having stabilizing crystals in a room, but there’s much more to them than just sitting on your coffee table!

Photographs Courtesy of Maria Aragao