By Carissa Herb

We already know that you’ve extended the five second rule to about ten so don’t worry, any judgement on what you decide to put in your mouth is long gone. You should, however,  be paying attention what you put in your mouth that gets left behind when you’re done using it.


A plastic straw has the ability to last up to 200 years before it decomposes. Of course, you can recycle a plastic straw, but the chemical compounds can still be leached into the atmosphere. instead of sucking up those chemicals in your mouth, it’ll be in your lungs. To think that those straws thrown into my glass at the bar are going to be around longer than I am is enough to make my skin scrawl. Not to mention, the average plastic straw has the potential to contain BPA (bisphenol), which is a chemical that can have the same effect in your body as estrogen causing hormonal imbalances and potential infertility risks. Since the compound acts as a hormone in our body and damages our endocrines. Usually, the cheap flimsy straws you have more run ins will be BPA free so don’t go calling your doctor just yet.

An alternative to plastic straws is aluminum. These metal straws are sometimes seen as a health hazard because they are reusable, but I promise you that these straws are as clean as any plastic straw and they don’t pollute. Since they are made from aluminum and depending on if the material is recycled they can be used and reused for years to come. Aluminum products allow for a circular economy, which means no waste! Everything gets a new life and a new purpose.


Plus, the aluminum straw pair well with your favorite iced beverage. If you’re like me and you love to drink coffee every day of the week, you just saved seven straws from being thrown out!