Is that Oreo you are eating vegan?

By Alexis Gaskin


Did you know that some of your favorite candies are actually vegan?! Whether you’re vegan, looking to become vegan, or just looking for a conscious candy choice, then these goodies are for you and should be in every snack stash.

Vegan candies aren’t as hard to find as many would think. Airheads, Twizzlers, Swedish Fish, Lemonheads, Skittles and Lindt Excellence Cocoa Bars in 70%, 85% and 90% are vegan! These are a few examples of popular vegan candies that are yummy and don’t have random ingredients like bugs, cow bones and scales.

Many popular candies contain gelatin and Shellac that make them non-vegan. These ingredients are made by byproduct and bones of animals. Gummy bears, candy corn, Junior Mints, marshmallows and many milk chocolate candies aren’t vegan. This is because they contain these ingredients that make them gummy (gelatin) and shiny(Shellac). Milk chocolate candies are obviously not vegan since they use milk which is a byproduct of cows. While they may be a staple in everyone's secret stash, you may want to pass on those ones.

Instead reach for a Dum Dum pop, Jolly Rancher or Sour Patch Kids. Even though they have deep red colors, these fun flavored candies don’t use the type of red dye that contains scales and bugs.

For all those chocolate lovers out there, don’t worry! Most dark chocolates are vegan! They don’t contain additives like milk, cream and excess sugars that milk chocolate candies do. Plus they are extremely healthy depending on the percentage.


You don’t need to stop at just candy either. It’s simple to find other yummy snacks that are also vegans. Ritz crackers, Oreos, original Fritos, and Halo Top Ice cream are all considered under the same umbrella.  Halo top ice cream is known for their low-calorie flavors and has extended to create 7 new flavors that are vegan and dairy free. With flavors like Peanut Butter Cup, Chocolate, Oatmeal Cookie and 4 more flavors, all of these flavors should be chilling in the back of your freezer.

It isn’t hard to find vegan candies. The upside is that it doesn’t contain weird ingredients like scales, bones and bug secretion. Gross! If you’re not sure if your favorite candy is vegan check the ingredients! If it contains gelatin, confectioners glaze, shellac or carmine steer clear.

The next time you’re in a store and have that sudden sweet tooth or catch yourself staring in front of a vending machine at work reach for those vegan candies instead. It’s a smarter choice and still satisfies those sugar cravings.

Illustrated by Nora Mitchell