Stick & Stones May Break My Bones, But Being Transparent Excites Me

By Caitlin Ruggero


We all know the cliché phrase- “beauty is pain.” This sentiment is relatively true—heels make your feet ache and jeans cut off your stomach.

While these mild inconveniences can be annoying, there’s something that many people forget—beauty is not only painful for ourselves alone. People living in a developing country are exploited in order to mass-produce clothing garments as fast as they can. In addition, the clothes that we own in our everyday life are polluting the environment: conventional cotton, one of the most regularly worn fabrics, has the highest rate of chemical use while being processed (16% of the world’s insecticides, courtesy of If you’re reading this feeling horrified, don’t rip off all your clothes and live in a nudist colony just yet—there’s other options.

Sticks + Stone, an Australian based clothing company, understands and actually cares about the ethical and environmental issues that plague the fashion industry today (and for the past century or so). It’s time to take action now, and start tackling the problems that seem so out of reach: they’re not! Even starting small, such as purchasing clothing from labels like Sticks + Stone, can be extremely powerful in the long run. When you feel powerful, you look powerful—The Seeker dress, from Sticks + Stone’s The Voyager collection radiates strength. It is made with all natural, non-toxic dyes and completely free of synthetic chemicals. From purchasing this dress you can take comfort in knowing that you’re fighting for environmental and human rights—wherever you are.

Ever so versatile, The Seeker dress can be styled to fit into your schedule, whether you got called into the office or have some downtime on a sunny day. There’s never a bad time to look glamorous, and wearing garments from this Aussie brand can help promote flexibility and spontaneity throughout your day. Don’t be afraid to transition from work to play while still keeping your alluring looks intact--there’s no time to waste on changing into a boring outfit! Every woman deserves to feel good about herself no matter the occasion, while knowing she’s also helping the environment.





Break a sweat


At Night

In the Office

Photographer: Alana Bethea

Model: Funmi Turner 

StyleReza Cristian