Making your Meal Prep that Much Easier

by Samantha Tassone

Have no fear, sustainable healthy meals made to deliver are here! Recently I had the pleasure of picking the brain of mademeals co founder, Jesse McBride. Mademeals, if you haven’t already heard, is a company that prepares health conscious, chef-prepared meals made to deliver all while including sustainable practices, straight to your door; amazingly ready in minutes! I know what you’re thinking. How can they make this all possible and why?  Let me help connect the dots for you.

mademeals behind the scenes.JPG

McBride was always passionate about nutrition and meal prep, and after being diagnosed with colitis in 2016, he became extremely passionate about responsibly sourced food and sharing that mission with others. Not only do they want their food to be healthy and free from pesticides, herbicides, hormones, antibiotics and other harmful chemicals, they want it to be delicious and unique. Jesse explains further about their practices, “There are a few things that make us sustainable. For starters, we support sustainable farming operations, and we keep this at the core of our mission. We place our ingredient orders after customer’s place their orders, which helps us avoid lots of food waste and we save scraps and make broths with them. We also use pulp based containers instead of plastic, which is a much more sustainable material.”

After exploring the mademeals website, I found there are many diverse and delicious vegan, paleo and traditional meal options on the menu right now. Two meals on their sample menu that caught my eye are the Strawberry Chevre Salad and the Chili Lime Chicken – yum! It even includes if the meals are gluten, soy and/or dairy free. Their menu constantly rotates, so you will never get bored of the same meals getting delivered to your door over and over again. This is also a bonus if you are an adventurous foodie (like myself) and like to try new things. Instead of wasting valuable time researching new recipes, going to the store to buy the ingredients and waiting on a long Trader Joes or Whole Foods line to then go home and actually begin making your meal, you now have this convenient new service that gets you what you want with a click of a few buttons!

Pictured above is their delicious Chili Lime Chicken

Pictured above is their delicious Chili Lime Chicken

Jesse was also willing to share how the company is truly passionate about getting the right ingredients from the right farmers. “We source our ingredients as locally as possible, (NJ/PA/NY) and primarily from farms that use sustainable and responsible practices. We feel that these farmers are the backbone of our society, cultivating our food and helping to regenerate our environment, and we are so happy to support them.” The importance of organic foods and sustainable farming is more crucial today than ever before. As a result of not using harmful pesticides and chemicals, it diminishes the amount of damage and disruption we inflict on our soil and overall ecosystem. Enough harm has been done by spraying heavy chemicals on the only planet earth we have along with our local grocery store produce. By getting product from organically fed animals that are treated well and given a good life makes all the difference; for us and for them.

Our bodies were not meant to process these harmful chemicals, and we are seeing an industrialized food industry that is fueled by corporate interests using these chemicals.
— Jesse McBride

Another surprising and beneficial thing I learned about this company is that these meals are never frozen and they have zero preservatives in them. How it works is that they are finished being prepared and cooked on a Sunday night and they are delivered to you on that following Monday, so you are fully prepped for your busy week ahead. The amount of meals depends on the subscription plan you order ahead of time. No more coming home after a long day at work and having to scramble together a (most likely unhealthy) last minute freezer meal. No more procrastinating until the night before on meal prepping for the week to come. Mademeals has got you covered.

Jesse McBride preparing a signature mademeals dish.

Jesse McBride preparing a signature mademeals dish.

Mademeals is a company that prioritizes your well being and the future of our environment.  They are the type of business that our society needs to see more of. It is a company that truly cares and is passionate about the well being of others. Jesse wants to share this concept of healthy sustainable eating with the world and this is his outlet. Don’t miss out on this opportunity if you live in New York and check out today.